5 litres of petrol free! Just pay with BHIM SBI Pay at any Indian Oil outlet

5 litres of petrol free! Just pay with BHIM SBI Pay at any Indian Oil outlet

Good news for the SBI customers, particularly those who are vehicle owners. Now fuel your drive at any Indian Oil Retail outlet with BHIM SBI Pay and get up to 5 litres of petrol free! However, you need to hurry as this offer is valid till 23rd November, 2018, only, the State Bank of India has informed its customers. There will be 10,000 winners everyday.

For availing this offer, you are required to do the following things:

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1. First you need to buy fuel from any retail outlet of Indian Oil, by paying through BHIM-UPI, i.e. BHIM SBI Pay app. The minimum transaction value, however, should be Rs 100.

2. Then you have to send SMS in a specified format to 9222222084:

<UPI Reference No. (12-Digit)> <DDMM>

However, there are various terms and conditions for availing this offer, which you need to check before participating in this scheme. You can check those terms and conditions by visiting the site of SBI. Here we are taking a look at some of them:

# The offer, which had commenced recently, is closing at 12.00 pm IST (midnight) on 23rd November, 2018. Any entry received after 12 midnight, on November 29, 2018, will not be considered.

# This offer is open to Indian citizens aged 18 or over, as on 1st April 2018, residing in India only.

# Only those persons who purchase fuel from the retail outlets of the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd through payment cards – such as debit card, credit card or prepaid card – as well as those making payments through UPI are eligible to participate in this offer.

# This offer is applicable for purchase of fuels at any Indian Oil Corn Ltd and Assam Oil Division retail outlets only.

# A customer purchasing fuel through card should SMS with the 6 digit approval / Auth code printed on the charge slip along with the date of transaction in the specified syntax – ‘Approval/Authcode space DDMM’ to the no 9222222084, where DDMM is the actual date of card payment transaction. Ex transaction on 1st Nov’18 , DDMM must be 0111.

# For purchases through UPI, the customer should send the 12 digit UPI reference no along with the date of transaction. The SMS syntax for UPI transaction is “12 Digit UPI ref No space DDMM” to the number 9222222084. Where DDMM is the actual date of UPI payment transaction.

# A customer can make multiple entries for repeat purchases. However, each SMS should have a separate Auth/approval code or UPI reference no. Multiple entries using the same Auth/approval code or UPI reference number will be considered invalid

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