Chrome will autofill card details even without syncing data

Chrome will autofill card details even without syncing data

Chrome has long been offering autofill capabilities to save users from the pain of entering information manually on forms/web pages.

The feature syncs data and works for names, addresses, phone numbers as well as payment information like credit/debit cards.

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But now, in a minor albeit important change, Google has confirmed that payment details would be autofilled even if you haven’t enabled data-syncing.

Here’s how.

Chrome syncs information for multiple device access

As many already know, Chrome offers an option to sync information across all the devices that run the browser.

The feature shares all sorts of information across devices, starting from browsing history and bookmarks to payment details.

It comes in handy, but many users hate the idea of enabling sync, especially if they are using public or shared devices.

This is why Google has come up with a solution

This is why Google has come up with a solution

In order to ensure fast payments for users not willing to enable sync, Google has announced that the autofill feature will work by fetching data from Google account.

This means that you just have to log into your Google account on Chrome and the browser will autofill card information that’s saved in your account.

Meaning, no muss, no fuss of syncing!

You’ll get option to use cards saved in Google account

If you have got credit/debit cards saved in your Google account, payment forms will show an option to use details from there.

Clicking on the option will show available cards and you can pick one to make the payment.

Notably, as you select, the browser will fetch all the details and you will only have to provide the CVV to continue with the payment.

How to save cards in Google account

The account-linked autofill function would not work if there are no cards in your Google account.

However, if that’s the case, you can head over to Google Account > Payments & subscriptions > Payment methods and click on ‘Add a payment method’ button to add a credit/debit card.

The details would work across Chrome where you’re signed in and wherever Google Pay is accepted.


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