Delinking UID from mobile may require fresh KYC

Delinking UID from mobile may require fresh KYC

NEW DELHI: Delinking Aadhaar from a mobile connection may require you to undergo a fresh KYC, including physical submission of address and identity proof to your telecom service provider, with UIDAI asking all phone operators on Monday to formulate a plan within a fortnight.

This is the first move by the Unique Identification Authority of India to implement the Supreme Court’s order on Aadhaar which includes a direction that the unique number cannot be used to authenticate the identity of consumers acquiring mobile connections.

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While more clarifications are expected in the coming days, sources told TOI that the unique ID will still be needed for accessing subsidised LPG cylinders, which is part of the direct benefits transfer upheld by the SC.

Delinking of Aadhaar: Telecos to notify users

While Aadhaar may not be necessary for getting a passport, it will be mandatory for those opting to get the document under the Tatkal scheme. “Passport rules have been amended to provide for this,” said an official.

Consumers seeking to delink Aadhaar will need to provide other documents, like driving licence, passport, ration card, election ID card, bank passbook or power bill. On mobile connections, UIDAI said, “Additionally, all TSPs (telecom service providers) shall take immediate cognisance of the request for delinking Aadhaar with mobile number… and may take appropriate action to perform fresh KYC as per DoT-approved list of proof of identity and address within six months from date of request to avoid de-activation of the mobile number.”

In the coming days, more government departments as well as UIDAI will provide clarity on various services where Aadhaar had been mandated earlier, sources said.

The view in the government is that the SC’s decision to prevent private entities from using Aadhaar-based authentication will remove concerns in the public mind over data collection and breach of privacy by various firms.

Controversies involving private firms have affected Aadhaar even though its system does not record the reason for authentication, said the official.

Last week, the SC upheld the constitutional validity of the Aadhaar law as well as its use for government schemes but barred private parties from accessing it.

As a follow-up, in its communication to telecom service providers, UIDAI made it clear that operators can no longer ask for Aadhaar number to issue new SIM cards or re-verification of existing ones.

“Telecom service providers are called upon to take actions in order to comply with the judgment dated September 26… TSPs are hereby directed to submit by October 15 an action plan/exit plan to the authority for closure of use of Aadhaar-based authentication system,” it said.

UIDAI has asked all mobile operators to notify consumers about the facility to delink their Aadhaar number and UID token from their database.




Source:- indiatimes

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