Did you receive a fake product? Check with this app whether it is fake or not

Did you receive a fake product? Check with this app whether it is fake or not

Did you buy yourself a new steam iron online? Or did you get a pair of headphones as a gift, for your favourite tunes? If the iron’s wire got worn out too soon or the headphone stopped working in a short span of time, then chances are that the product you bought or received is not a genuine product. You are now among the individuals who paid for the original product and received a fake one instead.

Fake products have a gigantic market of their own and have now seeped deep into the mainstream market as well. It is this market that lets black money flourish and also, takes a toll on the actual brands, as they absorb all the revenue value. Moreover, when it comes to electrical appliances, a majority of the mishaps that occur such as short circuit, spark or burning of the wires, are due to just one common factor: the products were illegal duplicates of the original brand. The imitation is so well concealed that it is difficult for one to know whether it is a pirated product or not.

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If so, how can one determine if the electrical items they own are authentic?

ChkFake is one such mobile application that helps in knowing if what you own is original or a duplicate of the original brand. The application firmly believes that counterfeit is not only harm to oneself, but also to the economy of the country in whole.

This application gives out salient features and also has a scanning process to access the authenticity of the object. One has to simply download their mobile application, which is available both for Android as well as iPhone. ChkFake has three easy steps to check the features: Search-Select-Verify. The individual has to search for the item for eg. headphones of a particular brand. Then cross check the features mentioned in the app with that of the product. Moreover, if the product has a QR code or a code that can be scanned, ChkFake allows one to scan and verify the originality of the product as well.  After the entire assessment, the application lets you know if the electrical product you own is fake or not.

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