Found fake note in Bank ATM? Do this, or you may end up in jail

Found fake note in Bank ATM? Do this, or you may end up in jail

Have you ever received a fake note in an ATM or while doing transaction anywhere? Do you know what to do next? Here are all your answers:

It is possible that you may sometimes end up getting a fake currency in a bank’s ATM, but you need to be careful about what you do with the note afterwards the same. Usually when we withdraw money from an ATM, we do not check the notes’ credibility and most of the time we don’t even count the amount because of the trust we have over bank and the ATM.

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However, what to do if you receive a fake note in the ATM?

Things to keep in mind

When you do a transaction at an ATM, always keep in mind before returning from the ATM to count and check the notes properly.

If you have doubt on the credibility of any note then show that note into the ATM room’s CCTV camera so that if the bank denies to accept that the transaction was done from their ATM, you can ask them to check the footage.

Always keep in mind to take the transaction receipt from the ATM. Or, if you have done paperless transaction, save the message you receieve from the bank after the transaction.

Once you receive the fake note from the ATM, contact the bank immediately and show them the transaction slip and exchange it from them.

Though this process will take time, but it’s better to take the original currency rather then circulating the fake note which is a punishable crime under the law.

According to law, if you circulate fake currency in the market, you can be punished with imprisonment.




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