Google Maps helps you avoid fines: Now shows cameras, speed, accident spots!

Google Maps helps you avoid fines: Now shows cameras, speed, accident spots!

Google Maps has become an integral part of the life of motorists. Even two-wheeler riders have been using the application for years now as one can get to his or her desired location quite effortlessly even when you have absolutely no idea about the route. Now, Google has added another feature to its application. The app now shows speed cameras to warn the motorists so that they can keep their speed in check.

The said feature is already in Google Maps in multiple countries and has reached India early this year. Also, the application now allows the users to mark speed cameras wherever they get to see one.

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Once done, the application marks the said speed camera spot by highlighting it with a camera icon and also shows the number of people that have reported it. All thanks to this, the user can not only keep a check on the speed of his or her vehicle but also reduce the speed if necessary in order to avoid any penalties. The said feature is currently available only for the Android devices and is expected to reach iOS users soon.

Not only this, the latest update also lets users report an accident after which the particular spot is highlighted in red and estimated time is shown to cross that spot. This can help the users see if an accident has happened ahead and they can divert from that route if the time is longer than usual to cross the said spot. The two newly added features will not only let users reach their destination faster than before but also can them alerted to avoid fines.

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