Google offers auto-delete options for location history

Google offers auto-delete options for location history

NEW DELHI: Google officially rolled out a feature on both iOS and Android that will automatically delete users’ location history, if they choose to. The tech giant had announced the feature in May this year.

Users can now choose a time limit – three or 18 months –for which the tech giant can store their location. After that any data older than that will automatically be deleted on an ongoing basis.

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In a blog post, just ahead of its annual developer conference, Google I/O 2019, Google had said that the location history helps the company make useful recommendations to its users. However, the company said users might need simpler controls to manage their location data. The feature comes after concerns from some experts on how Google uses location data. An investigation by Associated Press in April 2018 had revealed that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store users’ location data even after they have opted for the privacy setting to prevent Google from doing so.

While announcing the feature to journalists in India on May 31, Google’s chief privacy officer Keith Enright had responded to the criticism that the feature still puts the onus on the users to “protect their data” by finding and tweaking these privacy settings.


Source:- timesofindia

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