Government can implement old rules on LPG cylinders, end subsidy transfer system

Government can implement old rules on LPG cylinders, end subsidy transfer system

In the last couple of years, you get subsidy on gas cylinders in your bank account from the Government. But now the government is in the process of revising the old rule in which the subsidy system will cease and you will pay the same for the gas cylinder as the actual price of the cylinder is. With this, you will no longer be worried that there is no subsidy or no delay in the account. This rule was applicable before the year 2013-14.

Benefits to both the consumer and the government
This initiative of the government will not only benefit the consumers as the cost of cylinder reduction, but the government will also benefit from this step in next year’s elections. More than 24 million families in the country are currently using LPG cylinders. It is expected that in the next 12-18 months this number will reach 36 crores. According to the news of the Deccan Herald, sources say that the Ministry of Petroleum, the Ministry of Finance and other ministries are churning on such methods of re-implementing the old rule so that there is no problem with the customers.

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In rural areas, the number of beneficiaries of LPG beneficiaries being madefrom expensive cylindersis highest in rural areas and semi-urban areas. It is in the form of a big vote bank. But for the past several months, the LPG gas cylinder has increased rapidly due to high import duties. In this case, due to the expensive cylinders in rural areas, people are backing towards traditional alternatives (kundes and timber). The government has received such complaints from rural areas.

Decrease in per capita gas consumption
According to the data of official LPG consumption inJune-July, the consumption of LPG per capita per capita has decreased compared to the growth rate. LPG customers now have to buy cylinders at market rates. The government provides 12 cylinders (14.2 kg) subsidy rate per year. Subsidy money is transferred directly to the customer’s bank account. LPG cylinders had more than 900 rupees in Delhi till last month.


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