HDFC Bank Credit Cards: Different Card For Different Needs

HDFC Bank Credit Cards: Different Card For Different Needs

HDFC Bank credit cards offer a host of benefits and are handy at the same time. They are universally accepted and facilitate cashless transactions across millions of merchants worldwide. You can use a credit card for e-shopping and also for making online purchases. It spares the need to carry cash since one can even withdraw cash through ATMs via these cards. The HDFC Bank credit cards can also extend a loan which can be returned through EMIs (equated monthly installments). Besides this, one can also earn discounts and get rewarded for using an HDFC credit card.

HDFC Bank credit cards offer cashbacks, discounts, frequent flier miles and movie tickets. The HDFC credit cards cater to a variety of lifestyles and spending habits. Finding the right credit card is not very cumbersome with HDFC Bank. Ideally, one is supposed to browse through the wide range of credits, learn about the features and take a pick. One can also apply online.

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Money Back Credit Card: This card offers zero lost cost liability post reporting of the loss of card. And if you spend Rs. 50,000 in a quarter you are entitled to receive Rs. 500 e-voucher. The credit card entitles you to earn two reward points for every Rs. 150 you spend. You can accumulate the reward points and redeem them as cashback against the outstanding amount on your HDFC credit card.

Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Signature Card: This card entitled you to complimentary international and domestic lounge access. You can also get renewal fee waived if you spend Rs. 3 lakh in 2 months prior to renewal. The first year and renewal fee on Jet Privilege HDFC Bank world credit card is Rs. 2,500

Platinum Times Card: This card entitles you to receive movie discounts of Rs. 1,800 or more in a year. You can also earn big discounts of Rs. 9,600 or more every year on dining. You can also save Rs. 1,500 in a year on your fuel transactions. The first year and renewal fee on platinum credit card is Rs. 1,000.

Diners Club Black Card: This card entitles you to book air tickets/ hotels across 150 plus airlines and choice of hotels (domestic and international). You can redeem reward points for booking air tickets/ hotels.


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