How to Check EPF Balance Status Without UAN

How to Check EPF Balance Status Without UAN

Do you want to know the EPF balance status without the UAN? Do you find it difficult to track the EPF account without UAN? I can understand the problem. But I don’t think that there is a current employee who doesn’t have the UAN. In fact, EPFO has given UAN to each and every current employee. However, you may not know your UAN.

Let me tell you in the beginning, now there is no such way which can tell you the EPF account balance without the UAN. But I will guide you to find out your EPF balance. Write this post till the end and you would know the balance of your EPF account.

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Earlier there was a page of EPF which gives you the facility to download the EPF on the basis of EPF account number. But now this page does not exist. If you want, you can search again but keep this page open. As you may need to come back.

So what is the way out? The way is simple just find out your UAN and check the EPF balance. In fact, Once you know the UAN, The whole process would be very easy. So in the quest of EPF account, we have to meet the UAN first. There are some other benefits of it as well.

Benefits of UAN

  1. You would get monthly SMS of EPF contribution and Balance
  2. Check EPF balance by giving the Missed call
  3. Download EPF passbook
  4. Apply for EPF partial withdrawal
  5. Apply for full EPF withdrawal

How To Find Out the UAN

Today, it has become very easy to find out the UAN yourself. You can know it if you by entering any of the following three information.

  1. EPF Account number
  2. Aadhaar
  3. PAN

It is quite easy. People do know their PAN and Aadhaar Number. However, you can use the Aadhaar and PAN only if these are linked to your EPF account number. Since last few years, it is necessary to give this information while you fill the EPF membership form.

There is a 99% chance, that you have any of the 3 information. So, lets proceed.

  1. Go the EPF member portal and tap on the ‘Know Your UAN Status’. You would find this link at the bottom of the page or at the right side of the page.
  2. Fill the value of any of the given 3 document. Enter your name, date of birth and mobile number along with the captcha.
  3. You would get an OTP into your mobile. Enter that OTP.
  4. Now you would get an SMS along with the UAN number in the screen. This process of UAN number check also activates your UAN, if not previously done. In this case, you have to also set the Password. The password is set to login into UAN member portal.

epf balance without uan

Check EPF Balance With UAN

Now you can check EPF balance status in many ways using your UAN.

Download EPF Passbook

You can download your EPF passbook online. The EPFO has provided a separate page just to download the passbook. You have to enter the UAN number and Password of EPF member portal to login. Further, you can download the latest EPF passbook. The same facility is also available at the UMANG app.

Give a Missed Call

You can also check the EPF balance by giving a missed call to the-  011 229 01 406. This method works only if you have activated your UAN. You would get the EPF account status through the SMS. It also tells you the latest PF contribution and UAN number along with the EPF account balance. You would get back SMS just after giving the missed call. Sometimes it may take time.

Send An SMS

This method is similar to the missed call. You have to send an SMS with the given code. This SMS would trigger the return SMS with the Account balance and latest contribution. You can get this SMS in your local language.  The Number to send SMS is 07738299899. 

The format of SMS to check EPF Balance is  –  EPFOHO UAN ENG

  • Only one mobile number can be used for one registration.
  • You can change the mobile number any time.
  • You can see only one EPF account under one establishment.
  • Register using different ID proofs and mobile number to check the details of the different accounts.
  • It is not possible to see settled or inoperative accounts.





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