Indian Railways Tatkal Tickets: Conditions Under Which Full Refund Is Granted

Indian Railways Tatkal Tickets: Conditions Under Which Full Refund Is Granted

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation), which handles the catering, tourism and online ticketing operations of the Indian Railways, grants no refund on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets/duplicate Tatkal tickets except in case of certain circumstances. Tatkal ticket bookings are meant for immediate plans and the bookings are allowed in all classes except first AC and executive class. Tatkal booking opens at 10 am for AC classes and 11 am for non-AC classes, one day in advance of the actual date of journey excluding date of journey, said Indian Railways.

Here are certain circumstances under which full refund is granted on Tatkal tickets, according to, Indian Railways official website: 

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1. If the train is delayed by more than 3 hours at the journey’s originating point of the passenger and not the boarding point if the passenger’s journey originating point and boarding point are different.

2. If the train is to run on a diverted route and passenger is not willing to travel, said Indian Railways.

3. If the train is to run on diverted route and boarding station or the destination or both the stations are not on the diverted route.

4. In case of non-attachment of coach in which Tatkal accommodation has been earmarked and the passenger has not been provided  accommodation in the same class.

5. If the customer has been accommodated in lower class and does not want to travel or in case, the customer travels in lower class, the passenger will be given refund of difference of fare and also the difference of Tatkal charges, if any, said Indian Railways.



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