Jio 4G Availability Highest in India, Airtel Tops in Download Speeds

Jio 4G Availability Highest in India, Airtel Tops in Download Speeds

Network speeds and coverage in India are back in focus as wireless coverage mapping company OpenSignal has released the latest edition of its report on mobile 4G networks. In the given sample period between December 1, 2017, and February 28, 2018, 4G availability in India has seen substantial improvements in the last six months. Though access to LTE signals is a priority for most telecom providers now, the report says, 4G speeds in the country have remained stagnant. Also, Airtel has swept most of the OpenSignal awards for 3G, 4G, and overall speeds.

In the State of Mobile Networks: India report for April, OpenSignal says 4G availability for every major operator has increased over the last six months. “All of India’s major 4G providers have now crossed the 65 percent LTE availability threshold, and three of them are now nearing the 70 percent mark,” OpenSignal says. However, there was no considerable improvement in 4G download metrics, including drops in LTE speeds for three telecom service providers.

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Meanwhile, Airtel has recorded the highest 3G and 4G speeds in the country, as per the OpenSignal report. It has also beat Reliance Jio, in terms of overall speeds. While Airtel average download speed (overall) was 6Mbps, Jio came a close second 5.13Mbps. When it comes to 4G speeds, Airtel delivered an average speed of 9.31Mbps, followed by Idea (7.27Mbps), Vodafone (6.98Mbps), and Jio (5.13Mbps).

However, Jio is still far ahead of its rivals in terms of 4G availability in India. It has beaten Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea by “at least 27 percentage points.” OpenSignal found Jio connecting to an LTE network 96.4 percent of the time, up from 95.6 percent recorded in October 2017.

When it comes to Idea and Vodafone, they managed to do well in some regions. In terms of 4G speeds, Idea was at the top position in West and East Uttar Pradesh and Vodafone dominated in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

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