Jio Is Discontinuing Services For Some Users, Here’s What’s Happening

Jio Is Discontinuing Services For Some Users, Here’s What’s Happening

The deadline to subscribe to Reliance Jio’s prime membership plan ended a couple of days ago. The company had asked its users to switch to Jio Prime for more affordable services and announced the Dhan Dhana Dhan offer after their Summer Surprise offer had to be called off due to TRAI’s ruling.

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The latest offer gave 84 days of 1GB 4G data per day to every Jio Prime member who recharges for ₹309, and 2GB 4G data to ones who recharge with ₹509. The condition, however, was to be a Jio Prime member in advance so as to “to avoid degradation or discontinuation of services.”

While many users who haven’t subscribed to the plan yet have their services active, a Deccan Chronicle report states that the disconnection process has been initiated and will start affecting users soon.

Users who still wish to enjoy the aforementioned plans can apparently visit a physical Jio store and pay ₹408 (₹99 for Prime, and ₹309 for the offer) to get 84 days of data use. It seems that the same can be available by visiting the Reliance Jio website or MyJio smartphone app too.

Those who paid ₹303 for the Summer Surprise pack before it was killed by the company can still enjoy the benefits offered under the pack.

But do you know what will happen to your SIM if you don’t subscribe to the Prime membership?

Well, the company has a host of plans for those who don’t wish to subscribe to Jio Prime. These plans, however, are way too expensive when compared to the existing Dhan Dhana Dhan plan. Like the ₹299 plan offers only 5GB of 4G data for 28 days, while the ₹309 gets a Jio Prime member 1GB 4G every day for 82 days.

Can the connections be discontinued too?

Yes, they can be. Following TRAI’s guidelines, any network user who doesn’t use the SIM for three months will get their number deactivated. The same can be activated within 15 days of deactivation by visiting the company’s stores and paying a small amount.

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