Next iPhone’s final schematics allegedly leak from a Foxconn insider, sports an edge to edge display

Next iPhone’s final schematics allegedly leak from a Foxconn insider, sports an edge to edge display

New design schematics of the next iPhone have been leaked, allegedly by a source from Foxconn, the company contracted by Apple to manufacture the devices. According to the schematics, at least one of the variants of 2017 iPhone will sport a 5.8 inch display. The iconic belly button has been done away with, with no physical buttons on the front side. The screen has become even more central to the usage of the device, a move pre-empted by Samsung with its Galaxy S8.

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However, unlike the awkwardly placed fingerprint scanner on the S8, the iPhone fingerprint scanner invisibly sits just below the surface of the screen. The new fingerprint scanner is expected to be faster than the previous versions. The front camera and light sensors are also apparently hidden beneath the front screen, with no visible features. The only gap in the screen is for the speaker. The Chinese web site Ifanr has the leaked schematics, accompanied with mock-ups and renders of what the iPhone might look like.

It is unclear what the next iPhone will actually be called. Rumour mills and leakers suggest that Apple will skip the S version this year, and not name the device iPhone 7S, according to the tick tock cycle that Apple smartphone releases have followed so far. The device has been referred to as both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. Apple has previously decided to drop numbers appended to their products entirely, an approach Apple has taken with the iPad.

Apple has been granted patents for full face display on devices. The latest leak adds further evidence to previous leaks, rumours and concept renders that the next iPhone is going to sport an edge to edge display. The screen is expected to be an OLED display, with the surrounding bezels being 4 mm in width. The phone will not have a bezel less display, according to the leaked schematics. The leaked schematics suggest that the next iPhone is going to be more closer than ever to the original vision for the iPhone that Steve Jobs had.

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