Paytm offer: Grab vouchers up to Rs 50 lakh — check details

Paytm offer: Grab vouchers up to Rs 50 lakh — check details

Digital wallet company Paytm has come up with an offer assuring rewards up to Rs 5,500 on booking bus tickets. A select few will be eligible for flight vouchers worth Rs 50 lakh as well, Paytm said. The annual sale is live till June 2019. The company has not mentioned any minimum booking amount to avail the offer.

What’s on offer

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The company will be issuing vouchers which can be redeemed at various partner websites and service providers such as OYO. “As part of the ‘BlockBUSter sale’, the tech platform has extended assured rewards worth up to Rs. 5,500 on bus ticket booking, alongside a chance to win flight vouchers worth Rs. 50 lakh every month,” Paytm said.

Other prizes are also available in the form of vouchers such as Paym food voucher of Rs 100, Paytm fashion voucher of Rs 900, Rs 500 OYO voucher, Rs 600 Paytm hotel voucher among others.

These vouchers will be in addition to the other offers available on Paytm, the company said.

How to enrol?

The offer will activate automatically upon bookings of bus tickets, however for the flight ticket award of Rs 50 lakh, the customers need to make three minimum bookings of bus tickets in one month with same month journey dates, upon which they will be eligible to enter the sweepstakes, Paytm said.

The company also shared some insight on its performance last year. The BlockBUSter sale helped the company in attracting 30% more traffic to the platform with the prize money of Rs 5 lakh. Paytm expects a larger traffic this time as the sweepstake has been multiplied ten times to Rs 50 lakh, it said.

Previously, Paytm launched credit score check feature on its mobile users for the perusal of its subscribers. Earlier, Ant Financial had launched a service along similar lines which was named Sesame Credit. This was launched in 2015. Ant Financial is Paytm-backer Alibaba’s financial services affiliate.

Source:- financialexpress

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