Say Hello to Transition, Gadgets 360’s Gaming and Pop Culture Podcast

Say Hello to Transition, Gadgets 360’s Gaming and Pop Culture Podcast

Say Hello to Transition, Gadgets 360's Gaming and Pop Culture Podcast

When we first began recording Orbital, Gadgets 360’s technology podcast, we had no idea about the kind of response to expect. We just wanted to bring some of the friendly discussions and heated debates from our office to you once a week.

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We released one episode every Thursday with modest expectations. We started Orbital partly because we’re passionate about podcasts and hoped that we’d find an audience for our discussions on technology, but within a few weeks, were blown away by the response we received.

Soon, we found ourselves recording multiple episodes in certain weeks. The biggest tech events in the world often took place in the same week and on at least one occasion we ended up releasing four episodes in eight days. Big gaming events such as E3 and Sony’s PS4 Pro launch clashed with Apple events and that’s when we began thinking about launching a new podcast.

We’re very enthusiastic about gaming and pop culture and based on your response, it appears so do you. To do justice to these subjects, allow us to present our second podcast – Transition.

Transition is where we will talk about a lot of games, TV shows, books, and even movies. If you have a taste for in-depth discussion on any of these topics, Transition should be right up your alley. So far, all Orbital episodes have been under 30 minutes long but Transition will not have such a strict time limit.

The focus is on in-depth discussions and we hope you enjoy what we have on offer. Our iTunes feed will go live in the coming weeks, and until then you can subscribe via RSS or just try listening to the first episode.

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