Teenager hacked into Apple’s system twice hoping to get a job

Teenager hacked into Apple’s system twice hoping to get a job

How far would you go to get your dream job? Would you leave your home? Would you lie about your experience? Would you bribe your way in? Would you hack your dream company’s servers to impress your bosses to give you job? In a mission gone wild, a teenager hacked into Apple’s servers in hopes of getting employed by the company.

As bizarre as it sounds but an Australian teenager hacked into Apple’s servers not once but twice hoping that it would land him a job by the iPhone maker. According to a report by ABC News Australia, the school boy who hails from Adelaide in Australia hacked into Apple’s secure servers in December 2015 when he was just 13 years old. He did so again in early 2017 at the age of 15 and downloaded company’s internal documents and data.

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As per the report, he used his expertise in the area to create false credential tricking Apple’s system into believing that he was an employee and not an outsider.

His aim, as would be of any tech enthusiast, was to impress folks at Apple so that they would offer him a job. It seems rather odd that Apple would offer a job to to someone who would break into its system. But he learnt that Apple, in the past, had offered a job to a European guy after he had pulled a similar stunt. And so he carried out the hack in order to impress his future bosses at Apple.

But as one would understand, things didn’t go as he had planned and when Apple got a whiff of what had happened, it contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US, which in turn contacted Australian federal police.

The matter was heard by Magistrate David White earlier this week where the Australian teenager pleaded guilty to multiple computer hacking charges. “He had no idea about the seriousness of the offence and hoped that when it was discovered that he might gain employment at this company,” boy’s lawyer Mark Twiggs told the court.

As far as Apple is concerned, the tech giant did not comment on the court case but the company assured that no user data was compromised in the hack.


Source:- indiatoday

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