The Amazon survival guide for parents

The Amazon survival guide for parents

If your Boppy doubles as a throw pillow, your living room seating arrangement includes a Snuggabunny Swing, and you occasionally drink wine out of Take & Toss sippy cups, you’re a parent.

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With this great title comes two relationships of reliance: your children rely on you to take care of them, and you rely on Amazon to take care of you.

You could certainly find children’s supplies by driving to the grocery store or Target and braving the aisles with your ticking time bomb of a child who sits happily in the cart until you’re stuck in the longest. Line. Ever. But it’s moments like these when the land of Prime shipping and “Buy now with 1-Click” beckon like long-lost friends: “Go home, my child. Go home and order online to get all of this…

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