The reported Samsung Galaxy S8 delay could be all about batteries

The reported Samsung Galaxy S8 delay could be all about batteries

Samsung is rumored to be pushing back the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 until April 2017, and we think we know why.

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Aside from wanting to make sure that its next flagship is as competent a contender as possible, Samsung executives allegedly agreed to delay the device in order to better reconstruct confidence in the brand from a marketing perspective.

This very well may be the case, and yeah, Samsung has its fair share of damage control to take on. But, there’s probably something more to it.

In October, Samsung was reportedly seeking a new battery provider following the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall. And now, we’re hearing that not only has it potentially found a match in LG Chemical, but an industry source has stated that “There is a strong chance that LG will start supplying smartphone batteries to Samsung around the second half of next year.”

Good things come to those who wait…eventually

It might be a stretch, as the delayed April 2017 release definitely isn’t halfway through the year. However, signs are beginning to point to the Samsung Galaxy S8 being the launch pad for LG Chem batteries. A new chapter at Samsung, one that doesn’t explode.

Sure, behind the veil, it could have nothing to do with batteries at all. But, we’d like to think that, for the consumer’s sake, Samsung should be willing to do just about anything, including delaying its flagship phone, to ensure that it never has to go through a massive amount of hurt, both in terms of finances and its reputation, again.

Whatever the reason in reality, things could go quiet regarding the new phone until it surfaces at MWC 2017. Samsung’s Koh Dong-jin took time during the rumored meeting to stress the importance of heightened security, particularly centered around leaks.

Fingers crossed that we get to see the anticipated smartphone in Barcelona near the turn of the year. If not, at least we’ll know why it might not be there.

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