This KFC robot will carry chicken bucket, drink and walk around with you on Valentine’s Day

This KFC robot will carry chicken bucket, drink and walk around with you on Valentine’s Day

Fast food chain KFC has partnered with Mumbai-based tech firm Technobotics to come up with a robot that can carry a full sized chicken bucket, a glass of drink and of course, chicken popcorn for you. And not just that, this robot dubbed as ‘KFC Bucket Bae’ has inbuilt sensors which allow it to follow you around with your complete chicken meal, thanks to the hidden motors-and-wheels leg.

The sad part is that you can’t buy this robot and it is part of the company’s Valentine’s Day marketing campaign in India. The company would be flaunting this robot at select KFC outlets across the country.

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However, if you are really keen on bringing this KFC robot home, then you will have to be one of five lucky people to win it. And to do so, you will have to share your love for it on the company’s Facebook and Instagram profiles. You can even be lucky enough to spot it on Tinder. As far as rules of winning are concerned, KFC says, “If you impress Bae, well it could be yours.”

Interestingly, the KFC robot also comes fitted with a Bluetooth speaker and can play songs for you as well. And KFC says that the bot is gender neutral and can even speak in both male and female voice as required, however, in English only.

The KFC robot is mostly tuned to talk about KFC’s chicken only. But you can record your own voice on a phone and play it via Bluetooth speakers on the KFC bot.

Last year, KFC had partnered with drone startup Drona Aviation to launch the KFO drone. The ‘KFO or Kentucky Flying Object’ was a unique packaging for the KFC Smoky Wings and had detachable parts that could be assembled into a drone. After the converting the box into a drone, all you needed to do was to turn the power on, connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and then fly it.


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