Withdraw EPF Easily Through the UMANG App

Withdraw EPF Easily Through the UMANG App

EPF withdrawal is easier now. The EPFO has adopted the UMANG app for its services. This is an all-in-one app for all the government services. Now you can use UMANG for EPF transfer, EPF balance check along with the EPF withdrawal.

EPF scheme may be your biggest retirement savings but sometimes it becomes necessary to withdraw the EPF balance. This EPF withdrawal would be of the following 3 types.

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  1. EPF withdrawal at the time of Retirement
  2. EPF withdrawal after leaving job
  3. Part EPF withdrawal during the job

You can use UMANG app for all these types of withdrawals. However, to use UMANG for EPF withdrawal, you have to fulfil certain conditions.

  • You should know your UAN
  • The UAN should be activated.
  • The Aadhaar number should be linked to UAN

If you fulfil above condition, you can go ahead and use UMANG mobile app for EPF withdrawal application. The whole process of EPF withdrawal through this mobile app has following 5 steps.

1. Download and Install UMANG App

To avail the services of UMANG app, you must have it on your smartphone. The app is available for Android, Windows and iOS platform. Thus any smartphone user can enjoy its benefit.

Umang App

So you must download the UMANG app from your respective app store. For Android users, it would be Google Play Store. As of now, it is 10 MB app. Thus, It would not take too much space on your mobile.

During the UMANG Installation, You have to choose the desired language and verify the mobile number through the OTP. It also asks permission for call and SMS. The UMANG App suggest enrolling your ‘Aadhaar’ as various government services are linked to it. Thus, it would be beneficial to link the Aadhaar with UAN. However, you can skip this step. Finally, you have to give your personal details.

Umang All in oneUmang Mobile Verification

Umang Set MPINUmang Profile Information

2. Choose the EPFO Service

You would see many government services on UMANG platform. You can browse for EPFO. Else, it is easier to search ‘EPFO’ from the search box. You would see the EPFO icon. Tap on this. The EPFO services would open. You would see that there are 3 types of services. These are Employee centric, General and Employer Centric. To withdraw EPF balance, you must go to the ‘Employee Centric Section’.

You can get various EPF services through the UMANG app. The most useful one is the EPF passbook view/ download. Along with it, you can file a claim for EPF transfer, withdrawal and EPF Advance. You can also track EPF claim through this app.

An employer can also use this app to check transaction status and remittance detail. There are some general services as well such as establishment search and EPFO office search.

3. Go To Claims Section

To withdraw EPF, you have to tap on Claims Section. Immediately you would be prompted to enter the UAN. As you enter the UAN, an OTP would be sent to your registered mobile number.

Remember! your mobile number is registered at the time of UAN activation. You must be aware that Every EPF member gets UAN at the time of joining a job. This UAN remains same in the PF account of every subsequent job.

EPF withdrawal umang mobile app

After the UAN authentication, you must be able to fill the EPF withdrawal form online from this mobile app. However, you can’t do it if your Aadhaar is not linked with the UAN.

Now you have the Online EPF withdrawal form. Choose your type of withdrawal and fill the form accordingly. If everything goes right, you can submit this form immediately.

With the submission of EPF withdrawal form through the UMANG mobile app, your task completes. Now you are not required to go to the employer. This is Aadhaar based online EPF withdrawal process which does not require the employer’s signature.

2. Save Reference Number

After the successful submission of the EPF withdrawal application, you would get the Claim Reference number. You must save this reference number. Further, you can track your EPF withdrawal claim using this reference number.

In this post, I have told you the process to withdraw EPF through the UMANG Mobile app. You can also check EPF balance Through the UMANG. If for any reason, you can’t use the UMANG, you can go to unified member portal to apply for EPF withdrawal online.



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